MD&A Values

At Mike Daniel & Associates, we take great pride in our values.  They are the “principles, standards, and qualities,” that guide our day-to-day approach to business.  We believe they are the backbone of our firm and that we owe our clients no less.

These Values include:

  • In∙te∙gri∙ty: firm adherence to a code or standard of values
  • Eth∙ics: principles of right or good behavior – beyond ethics being essential, we also assist in ethics compliance for our clients
  • Hon∙es∙ty: sincerity, truthfulness – straightforward and realistic about expectations and goals
  • Ex∙cep∙tion∙al Cus∙to∙mer Ser∙vice: service provided to a customer that is above average, outstanding
  • Re∙spect: willingness to show consideration or appreciation