The MD&A Approach

Our beliefs guide us.
At Mike Daniel & Associates, we believe that words mean something.  That sounds simple enough, but in today’s world, when words and catch phrases are thrown around and left open for interpretation, we take pride in the fact that we say what we mean, and mean what we say.  So as you browse our website to learn more about our firm, you will see words such as values, integrity, honesty, and respect.  These aren’t just words to us.  These are the guiding forces behind our firm.  And we stand ready to put those forces to work for you.

It’s what we do.
As any leader in the public or private sector can attest, the impact of federal, state and local government on business can be substantial, from development and location, through actual operation.  This is precisely why Mike Daniel & Associates has assembled an outstanding team to assist our clients in the governmental areas of legislation, regulation and administration.

We represent national and international firms, as well as business and trade associations from throughout South Carolina.  We also represent international clients that have located, or are looking to locate, in the rapidly growing southeastern United States.  We represent our clients at the state level, the regional level, and the national level by establishing and maintaining relationships with sister states and their congressional delegations, as well as the current administration in Washington, including cabinet officials and their staffs.

Our efforts on behalf of our clients include meeting one-on-one with legislators, testifying at committee hearings, monitoring legislative action, and working with involved parties to draft legislation, amendments and, where possible, to affect a compromise.  Because of our work and experience in state government, the team has considerable access to the state’s decision-makers.  We regularly attend both Republican and Democratic caucus functions, participate in both state and national forums and maintain contacts with leaders in both bodies and on both sides of the aisle.

We know that each client is different.
As we go about these efforts, however, it is important to us that we achieve success in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.  That’s why our only focus is governmental and business relations.  It’s what we know best.  While our clients can be assured that excessive staffing and expenses are not part of our work plan, we pride ourselves on our ability, when necessary, to assemble a support team of experts that, when combined with our team, ensures our clients receive an unmatched level of representation, suited perfectly to their needs.  It’s our realization that one size doesn’t fit all.

We realize that all politics are local.
One of the assets we take great pride in is the relationships we have built over the years with state and local governing bodies across the state of South Carolina.  There is not a region of the state that we have not been involved with in some manner, which is why grassroots building, one of the most vital components in today’s political structure, has become one of our most notable strengths.

We believe that experience is the best teacher.
We realize that business leaders in today’s world have more responsibilities and more choices than ever.  We also realize that those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.  The team at Mike Daniel & Associates spans three generations and represents more than eight decades of combined legal, governmental and communication experience.  So when we say, “Knowledge of the past, understanding of the present, and prepared for the future,” we mean it.  Let us put our experience to work for you.