The MD&A Difference

We understand the three Rs.

We’re not talking about reading, writing and arithmetic.  We’re talking about relationships, reputations and responsibility.  These aren’t just words to us. These three ideas are the basis of a successful governmental and business relations firm.  Skip any one of the three and clients pay the price.  That’s why, at Mike Daniel & Associates, we work every day to strengthen our relationships with our clients and governmental and business officials, maintain our reputation as a firm and as individuals, and represent our clients in a manner that is responsible and professional at all times.

Re·la·tion·ships   (noun)

We realize that relationships are key…not just relationships with one party or one side of the aisle as some firms believe, but effective, bipartisan relationships in both legislative bodies and the various state agencies that impact our clients.  We never stop working to build and strengthen these vital links to success.

Rep·u·ta·tion   (noun)

We also realize that it takes years to build a good reputation, and a single moment to destroy it.  Our commitment to our clients is that we will conduct ourselves in a manner that protects and enhances both our reputation and theirs.  While plenty of firms claim to know the value of a good reputation, and some can boast to have one, MD&A is unique because we go two steps farther.  First, not only do we consider our reputation to be our most valuable asset and have spent more than eight decades earning it, but, more impressively, we have also protected and upheld it for just as long.  And secondly, we realize that our clients feel the same way about their reputations. We understand the extreme level of trust required of our clients when hiring a firm like ours and allowing us to represent them.  We consider it a privilege that our clients deem us worthy of the opportunity by placing their trust in us, and in return, we promise to protect and uphold their reputations as we do our own.

Re·spon·si·ble  (adjective)

Just as there is more than one way to define the word “responsible,” there is more than one way Mike Daniel & Associates is responsible to our clients.  We start by acting responsibly as we effectively communicate on behalf of our clients, allowing them to comfortably rely on our advice, depend on our expertise, trust our instincts, and feel confident in our results.  We continue by using our best judgment to insure that we give clients the greatest possible value for their investment.  In other firms with extensive staff and more overhead, clients may find they are paying for services that they either do not need or do not receive, and as a result, they end up subsidizing other clients.  At MD&A, we understand that our clients are investing in their future and trusting us with that investment when they hire our firm.  We know that it is our job to handle their investment responsibly in order to maximize the return, and we have a responsible and successful method that allows us to do just that.   We efficiently and successfully do this by operating day-to-day with a lean staff and less overhead costs while maintaining the ability to hire affiliates as needed; this means that our clients pay for only what they need from us without having to sacrifice service or pay the tab for excessive staffing and expenses.